Take Note was established in 2018 by Leah Skelton.  It is an adult community choir for the Western Slope for all of those who love to sing, whether you have been singing your whole life, or whether it has been a while since you were last part of a choir (or maybe you want to try it for the first time)!  Francesca Corbett and Miriam Deming are the current directors.  We offer one program per year where we meet Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:45pm for 12-14 weeks and then put on a concert.  Choir is a lifelong activity, so come as you are and experience the enrichment and joy of singing in a choir!

Just some of the benefits of Singing:

  • Singing makes you feel better!
  • Singing enhances lung function. 
  • Singing helps you beat stress and relax. 
  • Singing helps improve memory. 
  • Singing builds a sense of community.
  • Singing lets you express yourself.